Places - S

Saint Petersburgh, Florida (Pinellas County)
Saintonge, France
Communities  La Tremblade
San Dimas, California (Los Angeles County)
San Francisco, California
Notes  San Francisco is both a city and a county.
Families  Tucker
Sandusky, Ohio (Erie County)
Cemeteries  Oakland Cemetery
Families  Routh
Saratoga County, New York
Families  Van Hyning
Schlierbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
Notes  Schlierbach is located about 20-25 miles east-southeast of Stuttgart, about 5 miles before Gammelshausen.
Families  Braun, Rieker/Riecker
Scipio, Indiana (Jennings County)
Scotch Plains, New Jersey (Union County)
Notes  Scotch Plains was part of Essex County around the 17-18th Centuries.  See also Passaic Valley.
Cemeteries  Scotch Plains Baptist Churchyard
Points of Interest  Scotch Plains Baptist Church
Families  Maxwell, Tucker
Communities  Aberdeen
Seneca County, Ohio
Communities  Tiffin
Sharp County, Arkansas
Communities  Cherokee Village
Shelby County, Illinois
Families  Petro
Somerset County, New Jersey
Notes  See also Passaic Valley.
Communities  Harlingen, Mount Bethel, North Plainfield, Union Village, Warren Township
Cemeteries  Tucker Burying Ground (Lines Tucker Farm), Unknown cemeteries for New Jersey - Somerset County
Somersetshire, England
Communities  Chard
Spencer County, Indiana
Communities  Rockport
Spring Hill, Ohio (Warren County)
Springdale, Ohio (Hamilton County)
Notes  Originally it was called Springfield but it was renamed shortly afterward to Springdale.  See also Springfield Township, below.
Points of Interest   Tucker's Station
Families  Skillman, Tucker
Springfield, Ohio (Hamilton County)
Notes  See Springdale.
Springfield Township, Ohio (Hamilton County)
Notes  The township for political purposes is larger than the township for surveying purposes.  The survey township is the third township (east) in the first entire range (north) of the Miami Purchase.  (Unlike most of Ohio, this part was surveyed nontraditionally and from the southwest corner of Ohio).
Communities  Glendale (Village of Glendale), Springdale (previously Springfield)
Points of Interest   Tucker's Station
St. ____ (see Saint ____, above)
Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield County)
Stark County, Ohio
History  Green Township (see East Liberty) and Franklin Township became part of Summit County when it was formed in 1840.
Communities  Canton, Uniontown
Staten Island, New York
Notes  Staten Island is Richmond County.  Both are part of New York, New York ("New York City").
Families  Perlee/Perlier, du Bois, Rezeau
Sterling, Oklahoma (Comanche County)
Stony Hill, New Jersey (Union County)
Notes  Stony Hill sometimes is called Stony Hill Valley.  It is spelled Stoney Hill or Stonyhill in some records.  It was part of Essex County around the 17-18th Centuries.  See also Passaic Valley.
Families  Lyon, Maxwell, Tucker
Strasburg, Ohio (Tuscarawas County)
Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Communities  Boston, Brighton
Summit County, Ohio
History  Summit County was formed in 1840 out of townships taken from Medina County (Bath, Copley, Norton, and Richfield townships), Portage County (Boston, Coventry, Hudson, Northampton, Northfield, Portage, Springfield, Stow, Tallmadge, and Twinsburg townships), and Stark County (Green and Franklin townships).  See Trumbull County for notes on formation of Portage County.
Communities  Akron, Cuyahoga Falls (now includes Northampton Township), East Liberty, Fairlawn (previously Fairlawn Village), Green (previously Green Township), Hudson, Kent, Manchester, Norton (previously Norton Township), Richfield Township, West Richfield
Cemeteries  East Liberty Cemetery (Kepler Cemetery), East Richfield Cemetery (Fairview Cemetery), Glendale Cemetery, Norton Center Cemetery, Rose Hill Burial Park
Sun City Center, Florida (Hillsborough County)
Families  Tucker
Sussex County, New Jersey
Communities  Franklin