Christine Breymaier
Husbands Christian and Daniel
Immediate Family Genealogy

Christina Catherine BREYMAIER (1843 Aug 5 - 1928 Aug 10) g.17
Known As  Christine
Born  Zoar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County); Some records show 1841
Died  Akron, Ohio (Summit, County)
Buried  Rose Hill Burial Park, Fairlawn, Ohio (Summit County); Tombstone inscribed "Mother Christine"; Cemetery records show her buried here the day she died
Father  Johannes BREIMAIER (ca.1817 - 1884 Sep 17) g.16
Mother  Catharina LUSSIG (1819 - 1881) g.16
Notes  He became John Breymaier and she Catharine Lessing in America.  Her name appears as Katherine LESING in Tucker records.

First Marriage  1866 Apr 26, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Christian RIEKER (1841 Oct 22 - 1877 Jun 15) g.17

Children with First Husband 
Resided  The children were raised in Bolivar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County),  after Christian's death
Number  6, listed chronologically
Theodore Edgar RIEKER (1868 Jun 10 - d.) g.18
Christian Florentine RIEKER (1869 Nov 16 - d.) g.18
Known As  Christ; Tucker records show Florence for middle name; One record shows first and middle names reversed as Florentine Christian
Mary Elizabeth RIEKER (1870 Oct 6 - 1923 Sep 17) g.18 see husband
Known As  Eliza
Emma Alice RIEKER (1874 Sep 1 - 1968 May 2) g.18 see husband
Jonathan Benjamin RIEKER (1876 Apr 20 - 1939 Dec 9) g.18
Matilda Christine RIEKER (1877 Dec 2 - 1923 Jun 13) g.18 see husband
Known As  Tillie

Second Marriage  1890 Apr 22
Couple Resided  Bolivar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County)
Daniel APP (b. - 1891 Nov 2) g.17
Notes  Some sources say he was buried near Christine in Rose Hill Burial Park, Fairlawn, Ohio (Summit County).  However, the cemetery office has no record of him being buried there and his grave could not be found there as of 2010.

Children with Second Husband  None
After Christian died, Christine and her children moved to Bolivar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County).  In 1900 she moved to Akron, Ohio (Summit County).

Places  Akron, Bolivar, Rose Hill Burial Park
Sources  CST, TTP, PBH, SSZ, USC, CCBB, CTD, National Archives (pension records)