Mel & Emma Harrington
Immediate Family Genealogy

Melvin Winton HARRINGTON (1875 May 11 - 1951 Feb 6) g.18
Known As  Mel
Born  Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Education  Buchtel College (became University of Akron)
Occupation  Accountant and bookkeeper
Died  Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Buried  Rose Hill Burial Park, Fairlawn, Ohio (Summit County)
Father  Ferris Gideon HARRINGTON (1849 Oct 5 - 1928 Aug 29) g.17
Mother  Julia Almina PAYN (1850 Jan 8 - 1922 Dec 29) g.17

Marriage  1901 Sep 26; Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Couple Resided  Briefly in Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County), and in Amherst, Ohio (Lorain County), then in Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Emma Alice RIEKER (1874 Sep 1 - 1968 May 2) g.18
Known As  Commonly referred to as Grandmother Harrington throughout the family regardless of actual relationship
Born  Zoar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County); She used this birthdate and disputed the few records showing other dates
Resided  Bolivar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County); Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Died  Upper Sandusky, Ohio (Wyandot County); Stroke; She claimed she was the last survivor of the Society of Separatist of Zoar
Buried  Rose Hill Burial Park, Fairlawn, Ohio (Summit County)
Father  Christian RIEKER (1841 Oct 22 - 1877 Jun 15) g.17
Mother  Christina Catherine BREYMAIER (1843 Aug 5 - 1928 Aug 10) g.17

Number  4, listed chronologically
Ferris Theodore HARRINGTON (1903 Mar 12 - 1986 Dec 25) g.19
Known As  Ted
Russell Paul HARRINGTON (1905 Oct 22 - 1982 Jan 4) g.19
Known As  Paul
Mary Grace HARRINGTON (1910 Sep 30 - 2006 Jan 8) g.19
Known As  "Mary Grace"
Julia Christine HARRINGTON (1912 Oct 8 - 1982 Jan 30) g.19 see husband

Places  Akron, Bolivar, Rose Hill Burial Park, Zoar
Sources  CST, TTP, PBH, SSZ, CTD, CCBB, JPB, Her Death Certificate, GEP