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Reprints  A PDF photographic version is available at, 2006.  Several text transcriptions are available at other websites.
Notes  See also John LITTELL Esq. (1779 Nov 28 - d.) g.16 and Littell lineage.

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Reprints  A PDF photographic version is available at, 2008.
Notes  Contains a few details for the William Isaac Routh and William Culbertson Routh families, and for the Routh Packing Company.

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Reprints  There is restricted availability of PDF and eBook versions.
Notes  It appears these are a first and second edition.  The Routh lineage in this website is based on his work, see Credits.  It is unclear whether he published this particular lineage because he is not related to it.

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Notes  Contains details about Henry Tucker and Tucker's Station.

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Notes  Contains many letters Christian Rieker and other fmaily members wrote during the war, and several pictures of various family members.