John & Mary Littell
Immediate Family Genealogy

John LITTELL Esq. (1779 Nov 28 - d.) g.16
Occupation  Shopkeeper
Political  Elected to the Legislature; Justice of the Peace, Essex County, New Jersey; Judge of the Court of Common Pleas Morris County, New Jersey; Commissioner of Deeds
Affiliations  Elder in the Presbyterian church; twice delegate of the Presbytery of Elizabethtown to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church (Elizabethtown is now Elizabeth, New Jersey in Union County)
Father  Nathaniel LITTELL Esq. (1753 Jan 26 - 1811 Feb 18) g.15
Mother  Mary CAULDWELL (1757 Feb 14 - 1823 Jan 8) g.15

Marriage  1809 May 6
Couple Resided  Passaic Valley, New Jersey, near Littell's Bridge
Mary CONKLIN (1785 Oct 7 - d.) g.16
Number  10
Harriet LITTELL (1817 Nov 14 - d.) g.17&16 see husband

Other relatives of the Conklin, Cauldwell and Littell families can be found in John Littell's Family Records....  The John Littell presented above appears to be the author of this book (he does not identify himself in his book).

Lineages  LITTELL
Places  Elizabeth
Sources  John Littell's Family Records...