Nathaniel & Mary Littell
Immediate Family Genealogy

Nathaniel LITTELL Esq. (1753 Jan 26 - 1811 Feb 18) g.15
Occupation  Shopkeeper
Political  Justice of the Peace, Essex County, New Jersey
Affiliations  Elder in the Presbyterian church
Father  David LITTELL (1718 Jan - 1790 Aug 2) g.14
Mother  Susannah CRAIG (b. - 1753 Jun 5) g.14

Couple Resided  New Jersey
Mary CAULDWELL (1757 Feb 14 - 1823 Jan 8) g.15
Notes  Her grandfather immigrated from Ireland to New Jersey in 1742.

Number  9
John LITTELL Esq. (1779 Nov 28 - d.) g.16

Other relatives of the Craig, Cauldwell and Littell families can be found in John Littell's Family Records....

Lineages  LITTELL
Places  Essex County
Sources  John Littell's Family Records...