Littell Lineage

Listed by Generation

There is an Isaac Littell who married Mary Voorhies, a daughter of Elizabeth Tucker (see Daniel & Elizabeth Voorhies).  It could not be determined in John Littell's Family Records... whether this Isaac Littell is related to the other Littells in this lineage.  There are 5-6 Isaac Littells of the right age in the book, all descendants of Samuel Littell, of which wives are not identified for 2.


Samuel LITTELL (ca.1680(?) - d.) g.13

Benjamin LITTELL (b. - d.) g.14 see father (m. TUCKER, see notes below)

David LITTELL (1718 Jan - 1790 Aug 2) g.14

Nathaniel LITTELL Esq. (1753 Jan 26 - 1811 Feb 18) g.15

John LITTELL Esq. (1779 Nov 28 - d.) g.16

Harriet LITTELL (1817 Nov 14 - d.) g.17&16 see husband (m. TUCKER descendant)

9 other children g.17

8 other children g.16

8 other children g.15

Jonathan LITTELL (b. - d.) g.14

Cornelius LITTELL (b. - d.) g.15 (m. TUCKER)

Catherine LITTELL (b. - d.) g.16 see husband

Rebecca LITTELL (b. - 1820) g.16 see husband

3 other children g.16

3 other children g.15

13 other children g.14

This lineage only shows the relationships among individuals born with the name Littell who are connected to the Tucker lineages.  Other relatives of the Littell family can be found in John Littell's Family Records....  The John Littell (g.16) shown above appears to be the author of this book (he does not identify himself in his book).

Samuel Littell is of Essex County, New Jersey.  His name or his father's name may have been spelled LITTLE.  See also Passaic Valley.

Benjamin Littell (g.14) married Susan Tucker [iii] of Elizabethtown, now Elizabeth, New Jersey.  She is of no known relationship to the other Tucker families in this genealogy.  There are at least 3 generations of Littell descendants from this couple, who lived on a farm in Westfield, New Jersey.

This Littell genealogy lineage is mainly ancestral to in-law descendants of Tucker.