Woodward Lineage

Listed by Generation

William WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.15

James Miller WOODWARD (1812 Jun 24 - 1864 Dec 5) g.16

Emeline WOODWARD (1843 - ca.1920) g.17 see husband

Amanda WOODWARD [ii] (1844 - 1921) g.17 see husband

Margaret Louella WOODWARD (1847 Aug 10 - 1910 Aug 5) g.17 see husband (m. TUCKER)

Harriet T. WOODWARD (1849 Dec 6 - 1946 Sep 13) g.17 see husband

George WOODWARD [ii] (1850 - d.) g.17 see father

Sarah Jane WOODWARD (1854 Jul 7 - 1928 Dec 12) g.17 see husband

Josephine WOODWARD (1858 Mar - 1936 Jan 6) g.17 see father

Charles T. WOODWARD (1861 Jan - d.) g.17

Walter WOODWARD (1891 - 1915) g.18 see father

Almira WOODWARD (1899 - d.) g.18 see father

Eula WOODWARD (1904 - 1980) g.18 see father

James WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.18 see father

Eliza WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16 see husband

Harriet WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16 see father

Caroline WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16 see father

"Miss" WOODWARD [p] (b. - d.) g.16 see father

Amanda WOODWARD (1818 - 1904 Jun 19) g.16

George WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16 see father

This lineage includes only the known descendants of William Woodward (g.15) who were born with the name Woodward.  All the children of James Miller Woodward (g.16) and Charles T. Woodward (g.17) are shown.  It is not known whether there are any additional Woodward descendants from the other Woodwards shown above.

William Woodward resided in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County).  All his children, except possibly George, moved to Cincinnati, Ohio (Hamilton County).

See also Notes for William Woodward regarding Woodward High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This Woodward genealogy lineage is mostly in-law and partly ancestral to Tucker.