Horace & Emm Kendall
Immediate Family Genealogy

Horace C. KENDALL (b. - d.) g.17
Born  Cincinnati, Ohio (Hamilton County)

Marriage  1865 Feb 4, by Rev. Grady
Couple Resided  Lockland, Ohio (Hamilton County)
Emeline WOODWARD (1843 - ca.1920) g.17
Known As  Emm
Occupation  Seamstress
Father  James Miller WOODWARD (1812 Jun 24 - 1864 Dec 5) g.16
Mother  Sarah Jane THRASHER (1823 Nov 9 - 1909 Aug 6) g.16

Number  4, listed alphabetically
Corrine KENDALL (b. - d.) g.18 see husband
Harry K. KENDALL (b. - d.) g.18
Notes  The middle initial is uncertain.  Family records suggest his family lived in Oregon.  (Photo to right.)
Norma KENDALL (b. - d.) g.18 see husband
Warren KENDALL (b. - d.) g.18

Lineages  WOODWARD
Places  Lockland, Oregon
Sources  PVV