William & Nancy Woodward
Immediate Family Genealogy

William WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.15
Couple Resided  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County)
Nancy "Mrs. Woodward" [p] (b. - d.) g.15
Number  At least 7, listed alphabetically
"Miss" WOODWARD [p] (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  "Mr." SHEETS [p] (b. - d.) g.16
Couple Resided  Rockport, Indiana (Spencer County)
Children  None
Amanda WOODWARD (1818 - 1904 Jun 19) g.16
Caroline WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  "Mr." MC KEE [p] (b. - d.) g.16
Children  None
Eliza WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16 see husband
George WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16
Harriet WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.16
Known As  Spelled Harriett in some records
Marriage  "Mr." TURPIN [p] (b. - d.) g.16
Couple Resided  Rockport, Indiana (Spencer County)
Children  None
James Miller WOODWARD (1812 Jun 24 - 1864 Dec 5) g.16

This is not the William Woodward for whom Woodward High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, is named.  That William Woodward married Abigail Cutter in 1803.  They built Woodward Free School - Grammar on land which was later reconveyed for the high school.  He broke ground for the high school and was at its opening exercises in 1831.  They had no heirs, but he did have a nephew named Osmond(?) COGGSWELL.  His benevolence and name appears elsewhere in Cincinnati.

According to family mythology, these 2 William Woodwards are related.  The exact connection is not known.  Pauline Woodward Van der Voort is a descendant of William and Nancy.  Her family genealogy and school history research suggests the high school founder is the older of the 2 Williams by about a decade.  So their relationship might be brothers, uncle to nephew, or cousins.

Family records state James was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and that he and his sisters went to Ohio before he married (1841).

Lineages  WOODWARD
Places  Pittsburgh, Rockport
Sources  CTD (PVV, Bible)