Charley & Almira Woodward
Immediate Family Genealogy

Charles T. WOODWARD (1861 Jan - d.) g.17
Known As  Some family records show his first name as Charley, or middle initial as W; He was named for his grandfather so the middle name might be Thrasher
Born  Cincinnati, Ohio (Hamilton, County)
Occupation  Farmer
Father  James Miller WOODWARD (1812 Jun 24 - 1864 Dec 5) g.16
Mother  Sarah Jane THRASHER (1823 Nov 9 - 1909 Aug 6) g.16

Marriage  1888 Oct 24, Jennings County, Indiana
Couple Resided  North Vernon, Indiana (Jennings County)
Almira CHILDS (b. - d.) g.17
Known As  Aunt Allie; spelled Almyra in some family records
Notes  Almira is a sister to John F. CHILDS (b. - d.) g.17&18.

Number  4, listed chronologically
Walter WOODWARD (1891 - 1915) g.18
Died  Typhoid fever
Almira WOODWARD (1899 Oct - d.) g.18
Known As  Myra
Notes  Married with descendants, status unknown.
Eula WOODWARD (1904 Sep 16 - 1980 Jun 20) g.18 see husband
James WOODWARD (b. - d.) g.18
Died  As a teenager

Lineages  WOODWARD
Places  Cincinnati, Jennings County
Sources  PVV