Joseph Cole
Wives Jemima and Catherine
Immediate Family Genealogy

Joseph COLE Jr. (b. - d.) g.15
Born  Scotch Plains, New Jersey (Union County)

First Marriage  1785 May 31
Jemima ALLEN (b. - d.) g.15
Father  David ALLEN (b. - d.) g.14
Mother  Mary CAMP (b. - d.) g.14

Children with First Wife 
Number  8
David COLE (b. - d.) g.16
Second Marriage 
Catherine WILLET (b. - d.) g.15
Children with Second Wife  None
Other relatives of the Cole and Willet families can be found in John Littell's Family Records....

Lineages  ALLEN, COLE
Places  Scotch Plains
Sources  John Littell's Family Records...