Allen Lineage

Listed by Generation

Joseph ALLEN Jr. (b. - d.) g.13

David ALLEN (b. - d.) g.14

Jemima ALLEN (b. - d.) g.15 see husband (her son COLE m. TUCKER)

12 other children g.15

Gideon ALLEN (b. - d.) g.14

Daniel ALLEN (b. - d.) g.15&16 (m. TUCKER)

Rosetta ALLEN (b. - d.) g.16 see husband

Israel Cory ALLEN (b. - d.) g.16 see father

John ALLEN (b. - d.) g.16 see father

Gideon ALLEN [ii] (b. - d.) g.16 see father

Aristedes Heustis ALLEN (b. - d.) g.16 see father

Henry ALLEN (b. - d.) g.15&16 see father

Phebe ALLEN (b. - 1851) g.15&16 see husband (m. TUCKER)

4 other children g.15

6 other children g.14

This lineage only shows the relationships among individuals born with the name Allen who are connected to the Tucker lineage.  Other relatives of the Allen family can be found in John Littell's Family Records....

Joseph ALLEN Jr. (g.13) resided in Washington Valley, New Jersey (Morris County).

This Allen genealogy lineage includes Tucker ancestors, Cole ancestors, and Tucker descendants.