Cole Lineage

Listed by Generation

There are 2 different Cole families in this genealogy of uncertain relationship.  It is unclear in John Littell's Family Records... whether or not Jonathan Cole and Joseph Cole, Jr., are brothers.
  1. Joseph COLE Jr. (b. - d.) g.15  married  Jemima ALLEN (b. - d.) g.16&15  see first lineage below

  2. Margaret COLE (b. - d.) g.15  married  Noah DRAKE (b. - d.) g.15  see second lineage below

Lineage for Joseph Cole Jr.

Joseph COLE Jr. (b. - d.) g.15

David COLE (b. - d.) g.16 (m. TUCKER)

Mary COLE (b. - d.) g.17 see father

7 other children g.16

This Cole genealogy lineage is mostly in-law to and partly descendant from Tucker.  Other relatives of this Cole family can be found in John Littell's Family Records....

Lineage for Margaret Cole

Jonathan COLE (b. - d.) g.14 see son-in-law

Margaret COLE (b. - d.) g.15 see husband (m. DRAKE with descendant m. TUCKER)

This Cole genealogy lineage is ancestral to Tucker through Drake.