John & Catherine Tucker
Immediate Family Genealogy

John TUCKER (b. - 1811) g.14
Born  1735 or 1740
Died  Partially legible tombstone shows died age 71 or 76; New Providence, New Jersey (see Notes, below)
Buried  New Jersey (see Notes, below)

Marriage  1756(?)
Couple Resided  Stony Hill Valley, New Jersey; Westfield, New Jersey (see Notes, below)
Catherine LINE (b. - d.) g.14
Affiliations  Scotch Plains Baptist Church, Scotch Plains, New Jersey (see Notes, below), 1766
Buried  New Jersey (see Notes, below)
Father  William LINE Jr. (b. - 1746) g.13
Mother  Elizabeth "Mrs. Line" [p] (b. - d.) g.13

Number  11, listed chronologically, however see Notes, below
Henry TUCKER (1760 Jun 30 - 1844 Sep 28) g.15
Mary TUCKER [ii] (ca.1764 - d.) g.15&14 see husband
Known As  Polly
Susannah TUCKER (b. - d.) g.15 see husband
Nancy TUCKER [ii] (b. - 1836) g.15 see husband
Chloe TUCKER (b. - d.) g.15 see husband
Moses TUCKER (1763 - 1837 Aug 24) g.15
Joseph TUCKER (1767 Mar 3 - 1840 Feb 3) g.15
Elizabeth TUCKER [ii] (b. - d.) g.15 see husband
John TUCKER [ii] (b. - d.) g.15
Rebecca TUCKER (b. - d.) g.15 see husband
Patty TUCKER (b. - d.) g.15 see husband

Some records show John and Catherine are buried in Scotch Plains Baptist Churchyard, Scotch Plains, New Jersey (Union County).  Other records show both are buried in Tucker Burying Ground, Lines Tucker Farm, Union Village, Warren Township, New Jersey (Somerset County).  The photo shown above was taken at Scotch Plains Baptist Churchyard.

The inscription on the marble tombstone reads:  "ERECTED / In the memory of / JOHN TUCKER / who d____ this life ____ / 6th(?) 1811 in the 71/76(?)  / year of his age ____  ____.  / Softly ______ / Upon my ______ / My maker ____ my ____ way / And laid my flesh to rest."

New Providence, Scotch Plains, Stony Hill Valley, and Westfield are adjacent to each other.  Around the time of the Revolutionary War these were in Essex County.  They are now in Union County.  Union Village is immediately south of Stony Hill in Warren Township, Somerset County.

The chronological order of births for John and Catherine's children is taken from John Littell's Family Records... .  This birth order conflicts with birth dates, which were all found elsewhere except Henry's.

Lineages  LINE, TUCKER
Places  New Providence, Scotch Plains Baptist Churchyard, Stony Hill, Union Village, Westfield
Sources  CTD, AHP, PVV, John Littell's Family Records...