Jacob & Rebecca Binge
Immediate Family Genealogy

Jacob BINGE (b. - d.) g.15
Died  Ohio

Marriage  New Jersey
Couple Resided  Ohio
Rebecca TUCKER (b. - d.) g.15
Born  Stony Hill Valley, New Jersey (Union County)
Died  Ohio
Notes  She inherited half of her father's estate in trust to her children.
Father  John TUCKER (b. - 1811) g.14
Mother  Catherine LINE (b. - d.) g.14

Number  4, listed chronologically
Polly BINGE (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  John VERNON (b. - d.) g.16
Caty BINGE (b. - d.) g.16&17 see husband
John BINGE (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  Elizabeth COONROD (b. - d.) g.16
Betsey BINGE (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  Benjamin CHAMBERLAIN (b. - d.) g.16

Lineages  LINE, TUCKER
Places  Stony Hill
Sources  John Littell's Family Records...