Zoar Cemetery

Zoar Cemetery is in Zoar, Ohio (Tuscarawas County).  The entrance has been at the west end of 7th Street since 1925.  The original entrance was from the old road along the lake.

From the Ohio Historical Marker, "Here, in what has been described as 'God's Acre,' is the final resting place of members of the Society of Separatist of Zoar (1817-1898) as well as today's descendants and residents.  The early Zoarites' simple religion forbade headstones, believing all were equal in death. ..."

The cemetery extends west beyond the modern loop road on a bluff over Zoar Lake.  As of 2010, the cemetery appears to have these sections (see links to Google Maps, below): The original cemetery gate from the old road along the lake stood at the southern tip of the oldest section, southwest of the modern loop road and west of the modern hiking trail that heads southeastward.  From this gate off the old lake road, the original road into the cemetery was a dead-end.  During the middle years of the 20th Century, before the road was extended to a loop, the beginning of this dead-end was instead connected to the extension of 7th Street and the dead-end had a car turnaround near the highest ground in the cemetery.

Central Section

Buried together as BREIL:
Clemens BREIL (1834 - 1918) g.17 see father-in-law

Elizabeth BREYMAIER (1840 Jan 12 - 1896 Jul 9) g.17 see father (m. BREIL)

Buried as HARR on northern edge of this section, near the middle of the row:
Rosina RIEKER (1848 Oct 18 - 1900 Sep 30) g.17 see husband (m. HARR)
The tombstone was about to fall over on its face, as of 2010.

Buried together as HOYH:
Christian HOYH (1848 Nov - d.) g.17 see wife

Maria BREYMAIER (1848 Sep 18 - ca.1920 Mar 31) g.17 (m. HOYH, BEITNER)

Buried close to each other as NOTTER with a pair of matching tombstones, second row in from the northern edge of this section, near eastern end of the row:
John NOTTER (1834 Jan 1 - 1895 Aug 25) g.17 see father-in-law

Magdalena RIECKER (1832 Nov 10 - 1896 Dec 25) g.17 see father (m. NOTTER)

Buried somewhat close to each other as RICKER with a pair of "Father" and "Mother" tombstones, both inscribed "At Rest," near the eastern edge of this section:
John RIECKER (1834 Jan 11 - 1891 Nov 30) g.17 see father
Elizabeth "Mrs. Riecker" [p] (1833 - 1912) g.17 see father-in-law (m. RICKER)

(See also Johann Jacob Riecker and Elisabeth Ehret, known as John and Elis RIEKER, below.)

Buried as REIKER and RIEKER on the eastern edge of this section, near the highest ground in the cemetery:
Christian RIEKER (1841 Oct 22 - 1877 Jun 15) g.17
The tombstone with REIKER and 1844 birth year is gone.  A newer Civil War veteran marker with RIEKER is flush with the ground, placed on his grave about mid 20th Century at the request of his daughter Emma Alice Rieker (see pic). An older upright Civil War veteran marker with name spelled REIKER has been restored nearby.

Buried as RIEKER:
Eugene RIEKER (1877 Mar 21 - 1877 Sep 6) g.18 see father

Buried side-by-side as RIEKER, third row in from the northern edge of this section, near the middle of the row:
Johann Jacob RIECKER (1805 Mar 30 - 1871 Nov 16) g.16
The tombstone is gone except for what appears to be its base, as of 2010.

Elisabeth EHRET (1822 Apr 27 - 1892 Dec 1) g.16 see husband (m. RIEKER)
She is immediately east of her husband.

(See also John Riecker and his wife Elizabeth, known as RICKER, above.)

East Section

Buried together as BIMELER:
August BIMELER (1882 Aug 29 - 1965 Mar 23) g.18

Clara Alida RIEKER (1890 Apr 22 - 1980 Jun 5) g.18 see husband (m. BIMELER)

Buried together as BREYMAIER:
Joseph BREYMAIER (1860 Nov 5 - 1937 Jul 8) g.17

Bertha RIEKER (1861 Apr 9 - 1937 Jan 19) g.17 see husband (m. BREYMAIER)

Buried together as RIEKER:
Benjamin RIEKER (1862 - 1934) g.17

Minnie EHLERS (1866 - 1950) g.17 see husband (m. RIEKER)

North Section

Buried together as BEITER:
John BEITER (1848 - 1914) g.17

Elizabeth RIEKER [ii] (1851 - 1944) g.17 see husband (m. BEITER)

Buried as RICKER (not RIEKER):
James Gustave RIEKER (1881 Sep 15 - 1914 Mar 31) g.18

Buried together as RIEKER:
Charles Franklin RIEKER (1878 Aug 10 - 1912 Jun 27) g.18

Ella KUEMERLE (1880 Apr 5 - 1911 Jan 6) g.18 see husband (m. RIEKER

Buried together as RIEKER:
John Jacob RIEKER (1854 May 27 - 1924 Sep 29) g.17

Lydia MYERS (1857 Aug 6 - 1931 Oct 12) g.17 see husband (m. RIEKER)

Buried together as ZOLLARS (not ZOLLER):
Johannes ZOLLER (1863 Jun 6 - 1945 Jan 6) g.17

Maria Christina WERNER (1868 Oct 6 - 1933 Dec 14) g.17 see husband (m. ZOLLER)

West Section

Burials were originally in unmarked graves by date of death, not by family plot:
Irma Marie BRAUN (1803 Nov 19 - 1842 Jun 2) g.16 see husband (m. RIECKER)
The tombstone is gone.  It stood on the far side in the second of the series of relatively long crosswise rows in the distance, near the right end of the row, had one been looking a bit south of west from the grave of her husband.  (From Christian Rieker's grave, it was about due west at a greater distance.)

(Unknown Section)

Johannes BREIMAIER (ca.1817 - 1884 Sep 17) g.16

Catharina LUSSIG (1819 - 1881) g.16 see husband (m. BREIMAIER)

Sources & Links
The photos for this cemetery by MHT, a volunteer at Find a Grave, are used with permission (see also Credits).  MHT posted a nearly complete photo inventory of legible tombstones in Zoar Cemetery as of 2007 at www.findagrave.com.

Comparing a plat map with a satellite terrain view shows the extent of erosion for the southwest part of Zoar Cemetery into Zoar Lake.  In the plat map, the border of the cemetery is the thin gray line around the outside of the gray shaded area.  The blue-gray area is the lake.  The street spur to the southeast, which no longer exists, was part of the original lake road entrance which also eroded into the lake.  (These maps are no longer available from Google.)
Plat and street map of
              Zoar Cemetery

              View of Zoar Cemetery