Willcox and Willcockse Lineage

Listed by Generation

Peter WILLCOCKSE (b. - d.) g.12

William WILLCOCKSE (b. - d.) g.13

Levi WILLCOX (b. - d.) g.14

Jonathan Mulford WILLCOX (b. - d.) g.15&16 (m. TUCKER)

John Tucker WILLCOX (1814 Nov 16 - d.) g.16&17

George WILLCOX (1849 Nov 21 - d.) g.17 see father

Silas WILLCOX (b. - d.) g.16&17

Sarah Anne WILLCOX (b. - d.) g.17 see father

Jonathan M. WILLCOX (b. - d.) g.17 see father

Hetty WILLCOX (b. - d.) g.16 see father

10 other children g.14

John WILLCOCKSE (b. - 1776 Nov 22) g.13

John WILLCOX Jr. (b. - d.) g.14 see wife

Sarah WILLCOX [ii] (b. - d.) g.15 see husband (m. CLARK whose son m. TUCKER)

7 other children g.15

Sarah WILLCOX (b. - 1795 Jun 1) g.14 see husband (daughter m. TUCKER)

7 other children g.14

Sarah WILLCOCKSE (b. - d.) g.13 see husband (m. ALLEN with 3 descendants m. TUCKER)

3 other children g.13

This lineage only shows the relationships among individuals born with the name Willcox or Willcockse who are connected to the Tucker lineage.  Other relatives of the Willcox/Willcockse family can be found in John Littell's Family Records....

The spelling presumably was changed by Peter's children when they grew up.

Peter Willcockse came from England.  He settled circa 1736 between the mountains on the north side of Blue Brook a little above Feltville on what became known as Peter's Hill, in the Passaic Valley, New Jersey.

This Willcox/Willcockse genealogy lineage includes Tucker ancestors and Tucker descendants.