Drake Lineage

Listed by Generation

There are 2 different Drake families in the genealogy of no known relationship.
  1. Martha DRAKE (b. - d.) g.15  married  Cornelius LITTELL (b. - d.) g.15  (lineage unknown); his first wife was a Tucker

  2. Noah DRAKE (b. - d.) g.15  married  Margaret COLE (b. - d.) g.15  see lineage below

Lineage for Noah Drake

Noah DRAKE (b. - d.) g.15

Ezra DRAKE (b. - d.) g.16

Elizabeth Williams DRAKE (b. - 1847 Dec 5) g.17 see husband (m. TUCKER)

4 other children g.17

Jonathan DRAKE (b. - d.) g.16

Sarah Anne DRAKE (b. - d.) g.17&16 see husband (m. WILLCOX, a TUCKER descendant)

10 other children g.16

This lineage only shows the relationships among individuals born with the name Drake who are connected to the Tucker lineage.  Other relatives of the Drake family can be found in John Littell's Family Records....

Ancestors of Noah Drake came from Piscataway, New Jersey (Union County), and settled in Washington Valley, New Jersey (Morris County).

This Drake genealogy lineage is ancestral to Tucker and Willcox.