Henry Van Hyning
And 3 Wives
Immediate Family Genealogy

Henry VAN HYNING (b. - 1840 Dec 25) g.14
Born  Mohawk Valley area of Saratoga County, New York, of Dutch descent
Military  Part of Col. Van Veghten's Albany County, New York, regiment for about 2 years during the Revolutionary War; Fought in the Battle of Saratoga under General Gates where Henry and 7 others captured a British Officer from his tent as hostage, for which Henry was promoted to Captain
Political  First Justice of the Peace of Norton, Ohio (Summit County)
Affiliations  Methodist
Died  Age 102; The 1840 Dec 25 date is from Tucker family records, DAR records and his tombstone; Some historical articles show1839 Dec 25
Buried  Norton Center Cemetery (part 2 row 8), Norton, Ohio (Summit County); See also Notes, below

First Marriage 
Notes  There is no information in family records about Henry's first wife, except that there was one.

Children with First Wife  See Notes, below

Second Marriage 
Couple Resided  Mohawk Valley area of Saratoga County, New York, until about 1805; Northampton Township, Ohio, thru Perry's victory on Lake Erie during The War of 1812; Norton Township, Ohio; See also Notes, below
Hannah "Mrs. Van Hyning" [p] (b. - 1823 Sep 14) g.14
Died  Age 62; see also Notes, below
Buried  Norton Center Cemetery (part 2 row 8), Norton, Ohio (now part of Summit County); See also Notes, below

Children with Second Wife
Number  At least 1; see Notes, below
Sarah VAN HYNING (b. - d.) g.15 see husband

Third Marriage
Notes  There is nothing in family records about Henry having a third wife.  See also Notes, below.

Children with Third Wife  See Notes, below

The graves of Henry and Hannah are marked with a single tombstone, inscribed:  "HENRY VANHYNING / Dec. 25, 1840. / Ag'd 102 Y'rs / Hannah / [his 2nd wife?] / DIED / Sept. 14, 1923. / Ag'd 62 Y'rs".

Arriving during the War or 1812, Henry is the first ancestor in this genealogy to settle in what is now Summit County, Ohio.  When Henry arrived in Ohio, the townships of Norton and Northampton were part of Trumbull County, Ohio.  In 1808 they became part of Portage County.  In 1812 Norton Township became part of Medina County.  In 1840 Norton and Northampton townships became part of Summit County.  Norton Township is now incorporated, mainly as Norton, Ohio (Summit County) and partly as Barberton, Ohio (Summit County).  All of Northampton Township is now part of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Summit County).

There were Taylors in the Norton area as early as 1819.  Whether any of them are connected with other individuals named Taylor in this genealogy is uncertain.  Henry may have married a Taylor as his third wife (see below).

The history and genealogy for Henry Van Hyning and his family available on the Internet is inconsistent.  There is some agreement for the following:  Henry's first wife had about 3 children in New York and she died there.  Henry's second wife, Hannah, had about 9 children, mostly in New York (including Sarah Van Hyning who also appears as Sally Van Hyning).  Hannah's last name is variously spelled as Brauer, Braver and Brouwer, with some sources listing more than one of these.  Henry's third wife appears as either Patience Taylor or Prudence Taylor.  She appears as too old to bear children when she married Henry, and as dying before he did.

The following booklet, which has not been reviewed, may resolve some of these issues.  Genealogy of Henry Van Hyning, Revolutionary patriot and Ohio Pioneer:  with special emphasis on the family of Sylvester and Melissa (Hollister) Van Hyning by Margrey Ellen Van Hyning Nance (born 1906), published M. E. V. H. 1981.

Places  Northampton Township, Ohio, Norton Center Cemetery, Norton Township, Ohio, Saratoga County, Trumbull County
Sources  CST, CTD ("Pioneer Showed Courage in '76" - a newspaper article by William A. Johnston about late 1870's, publisher unknown, which is largely quoted from Wadsworth Memorial by Edward Brown, published 1875), PMR