Charles & Sarah Lyon
Immediate Family Genealogy

Charles LYON (b. - d.) g.15
Military  Major in Revolutionary Army

Marriage  Norton Township, now Norton, Ohio (Summit County)
Couple Resided  Norton Township, now Norton, Ohio (Summit County); Indiana
Sarah VAN HYNING (b. - d.) g.15
Father  Henry VAN HYNING (b. - 1840 Dec 25) g.14
Mother  Hannah "Mrs. Van Hyning" [p] (b. - 1823 Sep 14) g.14

Number  At least 1
Hannah Cordelia LYON (b. - d.) g.16 see husband

Charles was an early settler of Norton Township, Ohio, arriving there in 1816.  At that time, Summit County had not been formed and Norton Township was part of Medina County.  All of Norton Township is now incorporated, mostly as Norton and partly as Barberton.

Lineages  LYON
Places  Norton Township, Ohio
Sources  CST, CTD ("Pioneer Showed Courage in '76" - a newspaper article by William A. Johnston about late 1870's, publisher unknown, which is largely quoted from Wadsworth Memorial by Edward Brown, published 1875)