Peter & Rachel Perlee
Immediate Family Genealogy

Peter PERLEE [ii] (1767 Feb 10 - 1844) g.15
Notes  In his will he states he is from Montgomery County, Ohio.  However, his parents resided in Harlingen, New Jersey, and records show his third child was baptized there.
Died  His will is on file in Lebanon, Ohio (Warren County)
Buried  Presbyterian Cemetery, Lebanon, Ohio (Warren County)
Father  Peter PERLEE (ca.1739 - 1781 Apr 18) g.14
Mother  Rebeckah ILSLEY (ca.1740 - 1820 May 5) g.14

Marriage  ca.1795
Couple Resided  Harlingen, New Jersey (Somerset County), Ohio (Montgomery County and Warren County)
Rachel MANNING (1769 - 1853) g.15
Died  Lebanon, Ohio (Warren County)
Buried  Presbyterian Cemetery, Lebanon, Ohio (Warren County)

Number  At least 6, listed alphabetically
Martha Ann PERLEE (b. - d.) g.16 see husband
Known As  Ann
Ellen PERLEE (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  John WILLIAMSON [p] (b. - d.) g.16
Married  1828 Nov 25
Children  None
Jane PERLEE (b. - d.) g.16
Marriage  Charles(?) SPINNING (b. - d.) g.16
Children  None
Maria PERLEE (1797 - 1886 Sep 30) g.16
Known As  Mary or Polly
Peter PERLEE [iii] (1796 - d.) g.16
Notes  He is presumed to have died young because he is not mentioned in his father's will.
Rebecca Ensley PERLEE (1800 Feb 21 - 1870 Feb 5) g.16 see husband
The family apparently moved to Ohio shortly after Rebecca was born because no records have been found in New Jersey regarding them after her baptism in 1800.

Places  Harlingen, Lebanon, Montgomery County, Presbyterian Cemetery
Sources  AHP, PVV, CTD