Ilsley Lineage

Listed by Generation

John ILSLEY (1641 Sep 11 - 1707) g.11 see son

John ILSLEY [ii] (1675 May 22 - d.) g.12

Benjamin ILSLEY (b. - 1756) g.13

Rebeckah ILSLEY (ca.1740 - 1820 May 5) g.14 see husband

This lineage includes only the known descendants of John Ilsley (g.11) who were born with the name Ilsley.  It is not known whether there are any additional Ilsley descendants.

The Ilsleys resided in New Jersey.

Ilsley is the original spelling from the earlier records at Woodbridge, New Jersey.  The name appears to have been change to Insley or Ensley at some point, particularly when used in a given name by later generations, such as Rebecca Ensley Perlee g.16 (see husband), and Fannie Ensley Tucker g.18 (see husband).

This Ilsley genealogy lineage is ancestral to Perlee.