Lucius & Fannie Vander Voort
Immediate Family Genealogy

Lucius Raper VANDERVORT (1873 Jan 1 - 1945 Feb 21) g.18
Known As  See Notes about variations on Vandervort name, below
Born  Oregonia, Ohio (Warren County)
Buried  Sugar Grove Cemetery, Wilmington, Ohio (Clinton County), Section 8 Lot 157
Father  James Henry VANDERVORT (b. - d.) g.17
Mother  Mary Elizabeth HARRIS (b. - d.) g.17
Notes  See Notes about variations on Vandervort name, below.

Marriage  1901 Mar 7
Couple Resided  Bought family farm in Dover neighborhood 3 miles north of Wilmington, Ohio (Clinton County), 1910 Mar 10; Moved to Columbus, Ohio (Franklin County) 1942
Fannie Ensley TUCKER (1872 Jul 6 - 1963 Oct 14) g.18
Known As  Commonly referred to as Aunt Fanny throughout the family regardless of actual relationship
Born  Tucker Farm (Tucker's Station), Springdale, Ohio (Hamilton County)
Education  Wilmington College, 1894; Latin—Scientific course including math and surveying
Buried  Sugar Grove Cemetery, Wilmington, Ohio (Clinton County), Section 8 Lot 157
Notes  She was engaged to be married soon after graduating from college but her fiancé died.
Father  Manning Perlee TUCKER (1835 Mar 14 - 1906 Jul 5) g.17
Mother  Margaret Thrasher WOODWARD (1847 Aug 10 - 1910 Aug 5) g.17

Number  5, listed chronologically
Known As  See Notes, below
Pauline Woodward VANDERVORT (1902 Jan 13 - 1996 Feb 21) g.19
Veda Perlee VANDERVORT (1904 Jul 10 - 1998 Feb 26) g.19 see husband
Known As  Born as Vida on one record
Margaret Elizabeth VANDERVORT (1905 Nov 24 - 1990 Aug 19) g.19 see husband
Known As  Margie
Virginia Lois VANDERVORT (1908 Nov 22 - 1942 Nov 24) g.19 see husband
Mary Louise VANDERVORT (1910 Oct 23 - 2007 Feb 21) g.19&20

The predominant form of this name is Vandervort in older records.  Van der Voort is predominant in modern records.  Tucker and Perlee family records show Lucius and Fannie used Vander  Voort.  Pauline Vandervort preferred Van  der  Voort.  Mary Vandervort also preferred Van der Voort later in life.  A few records have instances of Vandervoort, one of which is corrected in errata.  One birth record for Lucius shows Vandervert for him and his father, which is assumed to be a transcription error.

Places  Columbus, Oregonia, Sugar Grove Cemetery, Tucker's Station, Wilmington