Van Harlingen Lineage

Listed by Generation

John VAN HARLINGEN (b. - d.) g.16 see wife (m. PERLEE)

George H. VAN HARLINGEN (b. - d.) g.17 see mother

At least one son, g.18

At least one daughter, g.19

This lineage includes only the known descendants of John Van Harlingen (g.16) who were born with the name Van Harlingen.  The son of John Van Harlingen g.16 is an only child.  It is not known whether there are any additional Van Harlingen descendants from the other Van Harlingens shown above.

This lineage is a literal reading from a letter that is vague about the Van Harlingen descendants.  It goes on to say that George's "granddaughter" is a "second cousin" to Fannie Ensley Tucker g.18 (see husband), which would mean the two women should be in the same generation.  Thus, there is a possibility this lineage is incorrect.

This Van Harlingen genealogy lineage is mostly descendant from Perlee.