Morse Lineage

Listed by Generation

There is a Lewis Morse [ii] who married Mary Jane Sorter, a daughter of Fanny Tucker (see Arthur & Fanny Sorter).  It could not be determined in John Littell's Family Records... whether this Lewis Morse is related to the other Morses in the lineage below.  The eleven year difference between the birth date of Mary Jane Sorter and the marriage date of the Lewis Morse listed below implies these two Lewis Morses are different men.


Joseph MORSE (b. - 1817) g.15 (m. TUCKER)
John MORSE (1792 - d.) g.16
Isaac MORSE (1794 - 1817) g.16 see father
Hetty MORSE (1796 - d.) g.16 see husband
Lewis MORSE (1799 Sep 6 - d.) g.16 see father
Henry MORSE Esq. (1801 Sep 11 - d.) g.16
Mary Jane MORSE (1821 Oct 31 - d.) g.17 see father
Joseph MORSE [iii] (1825 Jan 11 - 1849) g.17 see father
William Ryan MORSE (1826 Aug 18 - d.) g.17 (m. TUCKER)
Emma MORSE (b. - d.) g.18 see father
Frank MORSE (b. - d.) g.18 see father
Martha Ellen MORSE (1827 Dec 14 - d.) g.17 see father
Henry MORSE [ii] (1830 Oct 30 - 1832 Dec 22) g.17 see father
Caroline MORSE (1834 Jul 7 - 1834 Jul 22) g.17 see father
Nancy MORSE (1803 - d.) g.16 see father
Sarah MORSE (1805 - d.) g.16 see father
Joseph MORSE [ii] (1807 - 1810) g.16 see father

This lineage includes only the known descendants of Joseph Morse (g.15) who were born with the name Morse.  All the children of Joseph Morse, Henry Morse (g.16) and William Morse (g.17) are shown.  It is not known whether there are any additional Morse descendants.

Joseph Morse (g.15) came from New Jersey and was an early settler of Hamilton County, Ohio.

This genealogy lineage is descendant from Tucker.