Fisher Lineage

Listed by Generation

There are 2 different Fishers who married Jolleys.  It is not known whether the 2 Fishers are related.  The Jolleys are second cousins through their common grandparents John & Catherine Tucker (see also Jolley).
  1. Margaret M. FISHER (b. - d.) g.17  married  Richard JOLLEY [iii] (b. - d.) g.17  see first lineage below

  2. "Mr." FISHER [p] (b. - d.) g.17  married  Henrietta JOLLEY (b. - d.) g.17 see her father  (lineage unknown)

Lineage for Margaret M. Fisher

Richard FISHER (b. - d.) g.16 see son-in-law

Margaret M. FISHER (b. - d.) g.17 see husband

This Fisher genealogy lineage is in-law to Jolley and Tucker.