Cooper Lineage

Listed by Generation

There are 2 different Cooper families in this genealogy of no known relationship.  Mary Ryan, a Tucker descendant, is of no known relationship to Faye Sullivan, a Woodward descendant. 
  1. Osborn COOPER (b. - d.) g.16  married  Mary RYAN (b. - d.) g.16 see her father  (lineage unknown)

  2. Ferd COOPER (b. - ca.1965 Mar) g.18  married  Faye SULLIVAN (1884 Nov 24 - 1964 Dec 3) g.18  see lineage below

Lineage for Ferd Cooper

Ferd COOPER (b. - ca.1965 Mar) g.18

Helen COOPER (ca.1908 - 1941 Jan) g.19 see father

This lineage includes all children of Ferd Cooper.

This family resided in Gary, Indiana (Lake County)

This genealogy lineage is partly descendant from Woodward.