John & Frances Payn
Immediate Family Genealogy

John Byers PAYN (1851 Sep 21 - 1942 Jul 1) g.17
Born  Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Occupations  Numerous odd jobs before becoming a farmer for 45 years in Missouri and Ohio
Died  Akron, Ohio (Summit County); lobar pneumonia
Buried  Glendale Cemetery, Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Father  George Washington PAYN (1812 Feb 8 - 1854 Mar 22) g.16
Mother  Ann Elizabeth BUZBY (1818 Jul 9 - 1883 Mar 9) g.16

Marriage  1875 Jun 16, by Rev. Henry Baker
Frances Rosanna MC CAGUE (1853 Jul 15 - 1935 Feb 28) g.17
Known As  Frank
Born  Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Summit County)
Died  Akron, Ohio (Summit County); Tombstone shows February 25, 1935; Apoplexy
Buried  Glendale Cemetery, Akron, Ohio (Summit County)

Number  10, listed chronologically (see also Notes, below)
Lucy Angeline PAYN (1878 Mar 10 - 1943 Dec 25) g.18 see husband
Jeanette Buel PAYN (1880 Jun 30 - d.) g.18
Marriage  Samuel O. DAVIDSON (1877 Aug 19 - 1939 Sep 30) g.18
Children  1

The publisher has the names and some details for other descendants of John and Frances Payn that are not on this website yet.

Jeanette Payn provided substantial details for her immediate family in the document Genealogy: Ephraim and Esther Payn - 1964 (see Credits).

Lineages  PAYN
Places  Glendale Cemetery
Sources  GEP, CTD (Glendale)