Avery & Emily Spicer
Immediate Family Genealogy

Avery K. SPICER (b. - d.) g.17
Notes  He is a brother to Alice SPICER.

Marriage  1861 Jan 24
Emily Frances PAYN (1839 Nov 12 - 1908 Feb 7) g.17
Known As  Emma
Born  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County)
Notes  "Came to Ohio in a covered wagon at the age of three"
Father  George Washington PAYN (1812 Feb 8 - 1854 Mar 22) g.16
Mother  Ann Elizabeth BUZBY (1818 Jul 9 - 1883 Mar 9) g.16

Number  5 (see Notes, below)
Marilla King SPICER [p] (1875 Jun 20 - d.) g.18
Known As  Rilla
Notes  Rilla kept an old bible which had the family of Ephraim and Esther Payn, her great great grandparents (see Credits).
Notes  Single, no descendants.

The publisher has the names and some details for other descendants of Avery and Emma Spicer that are not on this website yet.

Lineages  PAYN
Sources  GEP, TTP