Art Routh
And 2 Wives
Immediate Family Genealogy

William Arthur ROUTH (1884 Aug 25 - 1960) g.18
Known As  Art or Arthur
Born  Logansport, Indiana (Cass County)
Died  Tiffin, Ohio (Seneca County)
Father  William Culbertson ROUTH (1854 Mar 31 - 1938 Apr 28) g.17
Mother  Sarah Amanda TAYLOR (1856 Jan 19 - 1940) g.17

First Marriage  1908 Jan 29
Ethel M. ETNIRE (b. - d.) g.18
Born  Logansport, Indiana (Cass County)
Father  John M. ETNIRE (b. - d.) g.17
Mother  Lottis HOGENTOGLER (b. - d.) g.17

Children  with First Wife
Number  3, listed chronologically
John William ROUTH [ii] (1908 Oct 29 - 1929) g.19
Known As  Jack
Notes  Single, no descendants.
Joseph Isaac ROUTH (1910 May 8 - 2001 Jun 5) g.19
Known As  Joe
Richard Arthur ROUTH (1912 Jun 27 - 1993 Jul 16) g.19
Known As  Dick

Second Marriage  Status unknown
Children with Second Wife  Whether they had children or not is unknown
A Routh Bible, which has been annotated later on, shows this family's structure as presented above (CTD).  Routh charts, which have also been annotated later on, do not show the second marriage and imply Joesph is older than Jack (RHR).  Tucker records clearly show 2 marriages but imply Joe and Richard are from the second marriage (CST).

Places  Logansport
Sources  CTD (Bible, charts), CST, RHR (interview)