Dave Tucker
Immediate Family Genealogy

David Manning TUCKER (1942 Dec 4 - 1993 Jan 21) g.20
Known As  Dave
Born  Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Military  Ohio National Guard, active duty in Cleveland during 1960's riots
Occupation  While some called him an engineer, he thought of himself as a pure scientist.
Resided  Akron, Ohio (Summit County); Mount Vernon, Ohio (Knox county); Stark County, Ohio (near Uniontown)
Died  Stark County, Ohio (near Uniontown); lung cancer
Buried  Tucker plot, Rose Hill Burial Park, Fairlawn, Ohio (Summit County)
Memorial  David M. Tucker Memorial Scholarship (Electrical Engineering), University of Akron
Father  Charles Stanley TUCKER Jr. (1912 Oct 19 - 2005 Apr 8) g.19
Mother  Julia Christine HARRINGTON (1912 Oct 8 - 1982 Jan 30) g.19

Marriage  None
Children  None
Places  Rose Hill Burial Park
Sources  TTP, CTD, University of Akron