Marlboro Center Cemetery

Marlboro Center Cemetery is in Marlboro, Vermont (Windham County).  It is also known as Center Cemetery.  It is appears as South Street Cemetery in some family records.  The cemetery is on South Road where it forks off of State Route 9.  As of October, 2009, there is no signage to identify the cemetery.

The Harrington plot of 3 graves side by side is along the left (easterly) edge of the cemetery several plots in from the road.  The graves are marked with foot stones.  From left to right:

Emogene DYSON (1909 May 6 - 1965 Dec 2) g.19 see husband (m. HARRINGTON)

Russell Paul HARRINGTON (1905 Oct 22 - 1982 Jan 4) g.19

Babette DIETZ (1908 Aug 1 - 1981 May 3) g.19 see husband (m. HARRINGTON)