Jacob Weiss
Wives Susan and Priscilla
Immediate Family Genealogy

Jacob WEISS (1786 Jan 21 - 1854 Oct 24) g.15
Known As  Jacob WISE after about 1810 in most records (see also Notes, below)
Born  Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Military  War of 1812
Affiliations  Presbyterian
Father  John WEISS (b. - d.) g.14
Notes  He was "a prominent man in the Township and a member of the Legislature, from Northampton County, before Lehigh County was erected."  He had 3 sons and 2 daughters who remained in Pennsylvania plus 5 sons who went to Ohio.

First Marriage  1811
Couple Resided  Austintown Township, Ohio (Trumbull County) on the banks of Four Mile Run
Susan WEITZELL (b. - 1814 Aug) g.15
Known As  Susanna WETZEL in one record
Born  Canfield, Ohio (Mahoning County)

Children with First Wife 
Number  1 son (see Notes, below)

Second Marriage  1815
Couple Resided  Austintown Township,  Ohio (Trumbull County)
Priscilla PHIEL (1797 - 1862 Sep 7) g.15
Known As  Priscilla PYLE in a few records
Born  Little York, Pennsylvania (York County)
Affiliations  Presbyterian
Father  Henry PHIEL (b. - d.) g.14
Mother  Mary E. "Mrs. Phiel" [p] (b. - d.) g.14
Notes  Both are from Germany.  Mary "was a daughter of the Count of Wittgenstein.  She married a farmer, Henry Phiel, which was considered a very low marriage by her family.  A quarrel at once ensued between her and her family, the result being, that the young people emigrated to America and established their home in Berks Co. PA where they lived for a number of years, subsequently removing to Green Twp. now Mahoning Co. Ohio. ... I think they are buried at Zion Cemetery, north of Canfield."  [The author is probably granddaughter Margaret (Stambaugh) Wehr.]

Children with Second Wife 
Number  4 sons and 10 daughters, listed chronologically (see also Notes, below)
Hannah WISE (1824 Sep 25 - 1899 Feb 16) g.16 see husband
Lydia WISE (1826 May 9 - 1895 Jan 10) g.16 see husband

It appears Jacob changed the spelling from Weiss to Wise around 1810, when he relocated "alone and on foot" from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, to Austintown Township,  Ohio (Trumbull County).

All 15 of Jacob's children, except 2 daughters of Priscilla who died before adulthood, married and had descendants, giving Jacob 72 grandchildren.  The publisher has the names and some details which are not on this website for his other children as well as their spouses, and for his other grandchildren.

Places  Austintown Township, Germany, Lehigh County, Little York, Mahoning County
Sources  MSW