Amaziah & Lucy Payn
Immediate Family Genealogy

Amaziah PAYN (1771 Dec 11 - 1854 Feb 9) g.15
Known As  See Notes, below
Born  New York (the state)
Occupation  Silversmith
Notes  He "owned several farms in New York State in Shadack and Albany.  At one time he owned slaves.  He wrote for magazines and sermons along the line of Universalism.  His discourse on 'Temperance' was written in 1831."
Died  Akron, Ohio (Summit County)
Father  Ephraim PAYN (b. - d.) g.14
Mother  Esther "Mrs. Payn" [p] (b. - d.) g.14
Notes  Her name appears as Ester in some records.  They had 12 children (see Notes, below).

First Marriage  1791 Nov 10
Eve MANZER (b. - 1793 Nov 13) g.15
Known As  The same record shows "(or MANSEY)"

Children with First Wife 
Number  At least 1 (see Notes, below)

Second Marriage  1801 Oct 11
Lucy KNAPP (1778 Jan 5 - d.) g.15
Children with Second Wife  
Number  7, listed chronologically (see also Notes, below)
Angeline PAYN (1808 Sep 24 - 1879 Jul 13) g.16
Marriage  John BYERS (b. - 1886 Jul 31) g.16
Notes  John was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He was a stone mason in Akron, Ohio (Summit County).  Angeline died of "nervous prostration" and John died of "paralysis-old age."  Both are buried in Glendale Cemetery, Akron, Ohio (Summit County).
Children  None
George Washington PAYN (1812 Feb 8 - 1854 Mar 22) g.16

Payn genealogy records consistently spell the name PAYN.  Most Tucker records and some Harrington records spell it PAYNE.

The publisher has the names and some details for other descendants of Ephraim Payn that are not on this website yet, as well as for descendants of Amaziah Payn and his 2 wives.

Lineages  PAYN
Places  Glendale Cemetery
Sources  CST, CTD (Glendale & charts), GEP